A flight attendant explains to Harry & Meghan why they couldn’t have the exact same meal on their flight “At Risk”

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“At the start of the flight they glanced at the menu, and I could tell they were discussing which order to make.

She explained that “when we were going through with the service cart, they stopped us and asked for my drink and snack.”

A crew member said that Meghan chose a British option.

“Harry enjoyed a morning tea with a lemon muffin, and Meghan enjoyed tea. But Meghan chose shortbread, which is a British option!”


The flight attendant was intrigued that the couple had ordered different types of tea and snacks. She believed it was important because they could be exposed to risk by sharing the same meal.

She revealed that she believed they ordered the different items because they needed to.

These procedures are often followed by both royalty and other individuals who are at risk.

Pilots cannot eat the same foods as flight attendants, so they must eat different food during flights.

This is done to prevent them from getting sick simultaneously. This is a precautionary measure in the event of food poisoning. The flight attendant said that one person may become ill, but not the other.

“Their bodyguard also requested something else!” She said.

Many protocols have been put in place by the royal family to prevent food poisoning while they travel.

According to reports, senior royals should not eat shellfish or other seafood on official visits.

It is also advised that they avoid drinking tap water and avoiding rare meats while traveling to other countries.

Secrets of the Royal Kitchen Channel 5 documentary reveals that the Royal’s Palace staff use a highly effective technique to stop anyone poisoning her food.

Emily Andrews, Royal Commentator explained that after everything has been plated up, each page picks one plate to serve Her Majesty.

“So, if someone wanted to poison the monarch, they would have to poison all of it.”

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