Back Garden Camping: Curiosity, private land and ‘amenities superior to campsites’

We look for places where we can enjoy outdoor activities.

All stays are manually curated by the platform. Oliver stated that they have often met their hosts.

We have high standards when it comes down to how many stays we get on this platform. We have spoken with the hosts and reviewed their photos. In many cases, we actually went to the site to take photos. The hosts have been able to establish a relationship with us and we ensure that the stays .”
are consistently high quality.

Also, private camping does not have to be a paid version of wild camping.

Oliver stated that “To be truthful, many of the facilities on private host sites are better than camping amenities. They are less popular and more people use them. Guests who visit your property will enjoy a great experience. Private hosts will make every effort to ensure that the amenities are perfect span>

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