‘Intriguing chemistry’: Strictly’s Rose & Giovanni
‘most watchable couple’ on opening show

‘Intriguing chemistry’: Strictly’s Rose & Giovanni ‘most watchable couple’ on opening show

Strictly Come Dancing aired on BBC One tonight as it returned to the television screens for another series. The show kicked off with 15 couples, with professional dancers paired with celebrities to take on the dance floor.

She said: “Forget all the gush and first-meeting hugs, it’s the genuine body language signs of chemistry or lack of it that makes every intro show such great fun.

“The more the gush the less the chemistry is a firm rule, especially when it comes to professional dancers who are hugely competitive and can pick a potential winner or first-out failure from first glance, but who will often perform over-congruent displays of delight to cover any disappointment.

“For me the most watchable couple with some intriguing chemistry will be Rose and Giovanni. During the first number Gio was doing some industrial-strength smouldering and he’s known for his fake-flirting with his partners but Rose appears to have brought out a whole new paternal vibe from him.

“Her body language suggests a cross between sweetly girlish and hugely determined and watching Gio drop the intensity and watch her with a fatherly fondness as they communicated in sign language was amazing. 

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“He hugged her and they play-fought but it should be brilliant to see if he brings out the same intensity in her that he has with his other partners. 

“Judi Love looks set to be one of the most popular contestants but she will clearly overwhelm Graz with her personality and presence. He took to clutching her hand like a nervous suitor with a diva. They should be fun but can he fight back enough to get his own screen time and to bring out her dancer skills?

“John Waite and Johannes were the couple who looked most relaxed and tactile together by the end of the show. Their mirroring suggested strong bonding from the word go and when John climbed into the cake to hug Johannes it was clear he was genuinely happy with his partner. 

“We’ve only seen Johannes with much smaller partners but John is both tall and muscular, which should make for some interesting dynamic.”

The expert added that she is not “totally convinced” by Dan and Nadia.

She said: “Their hug looked stilted and they stood apart to chat, although they were leaning in towards one another by the time they sat in the studio. Some inhibitions might need to be worked on if Dan is going to reach full potential as a dancer.”

Professional dance partner Dianne and her partner Rob were “over-kill” when they met on-screen, according to Judi.

The expert explained: “He then stood with his hands on his hips in a more authoritative pose and he performed some metronomic rituals of what looked like impatience, drumming his fingers and tapping his toes. 

“He seems to adore mugging and joke-dancing but it’s clear Diane will need to assert her control over him and she did so quickly, placing a hand up to and almost covering his face and using several point gestures to show him who is boss.”

Thousands of viewers also flocked to Twitter to share their thoughts on the new couples. 

One user, called Blake, said: “Johannes and John make such a good couple, things are moving up in the world.”

John Whaite found out he had Johannes as his professional dance partner when he emerged from a glittery cake.

The couple are Strictly’s first ever same-sex couple.

Another Twitter user, called Niamh, said: “They all have such good compatibility and look so comfortable.”

Twitter user Ryan added: “I love that they get so happy with their dance partners.”

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