SNP’s virtue Signalling’ is slammed by GB News’ Patrick Christys, who humiliates Sturgeon’s record

Link” href=”” rel=”tag” target=”_blank”>SNP has faced backlash over several new policies announced over the summer, including a move that will see pupils as young as for able to change the name and gender used to address them in school. Link” href=”” rel=”tag” target=”_blank”>GB News host Patrick Christys demanded

It’s a metaphor about the SNP’s capability to lead a country. Humza Yousaf appears already to have suffered injuries, but it is a blessing that he did not need to call an ambulance following the incident. He might have needed to wait up to 40 hours to get it.

“That’s correct, the SNP called the military in to assist with the riving of ambulances. Out of curiosity, whose army is this? It’s not the UK’s military, but it is, yes?

So, not only is Scotland unable to run its own healthcare system but an independent Scotland wouldn’t be able call upon our armed forces for help.

They could call in the EU Army when they join the Brussels’ bloc, but that’ll likely take several years.

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The GB News host continued, “I think it’d be better to get sick in Eritrea than Edinburgh,” he said. A man who died waiting for 14 hours to receive an ambulance was followed by a woman with a broken hip who waited for eight hours, a woman in Kilwinning, who waited 23 hours to receive help, and a man who was left on the ground for eight hours.

You can also add to this the fact that investigations are underway into contamination at Scottish hospitals. This is Europe’s most serious addiction problem. Nicola Sturgeon, the UK’s leader for vaccine development was at times worse than anyone else.

“However, Humza Yousaf (the actual Health Secretary) seems to be spending most of his time talking about white people. Nicola Sturgeon appears to be more concerned with gender-neutral kids than on sick children.

I doubt that people in Scotland are more concerned about pronouns then they care about their health. The SNP’s bigwigs focus on virtue signalling while many people are actually dying.

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Professor Michael Griffin of Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh, President of Scotland’s Royal College of Surgeons, stated that Scotland is facing a workforce crisis in both the NHS and social care. This problem must be fixed as it has a negative impact on all areas of the healthcare system.

Professor Griffin stated: “With the decrease in elective surgery across many of Scotland’s health boards, it is not only Covid.

It has made a substantial contribution but it is not the only factor. This makes for a complicated situation.

We have staff absents due to illness, recruitment and isolation so that we are unable staff some areas.

There is an urgent need to get patients into social services and out of hospitals. This is because of a crisis in the care home workforce, which causes bed blockage and other problems.

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Ms. Sturgeon apologized to those who endured lengthy waits for ambulances. This included the family of Gerald Brown (65-year-old from Glasgow) who lost his battle with cancer after waiting for 40 hours.

Anas Sarwar, leader of Scottish Labour, urged Ms. Sturgeon to “please don’t use the pandemic for cover for your Government’s failure.” He described “avoidable human tragedies” as reports that people were dying while waiting in pain for ambulances.

The First Minister responded: “I understand there were some pressures on our ambulance service as well as the entire health system before the pandemic.”

“But, I think anyone who says that the pandemic was not an important contributory factor in what our health system is currently dealing with is just being a stretch of credibility.

The pandemic created some of the most difficult conditions ever for the National Health Service, probably since its creation. This is especially evident in Scotland.

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