Wheeler Dealers claim that E10 fuel panic is due to ‘communication errors’

According to him, updates about the changes for motorists had been very poor and have since scared drivers. He stated that some motorists had not heard of the petrol until two weeks before it was launched on forecourts. This has raised questions.

Rachel Maclean, DfT spokesperson, said that the campaign will target “millions” of motorists at launch.

She stated that the campaign would not only inform drivers about the changes being made, but also make millions of motorists aware of how E10 introduces a role in helping to reduce carbon emissions and create a cleaner environment with each tank of petrol.

Two-thirds (65%) of those surveyed agreed that there should be an extensive campaign before E10 is launched.

Road users supported running a television campaign along with a radio service in order to reach more motorists.

“We must look that way. We will never go in the opposite direction.

“People must get involved with it and purchase into it.

It won’t change anything about the classic car or car industry.

Publited Sat, 18 September 2021 at 05:27.01 +0000

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