Kate Middleton pregnant? Duchess addresses claims during latest outing with Prince William

Kate Middleton and William visit Ulster University in Ireland

Kate and Prince William visited Derry-Londonderry for the first time yesterday. Their first stop was Ulster University’s Magee Campus, where they met students and staff.

Part of their tour of the campus took part at the Culture Shock event organized by the Student Union.

This event has been created to help local and international students to adjust to student life and get to know Northern Ireland’s traditional music, food, drinks and culture.

While visiting the planned event, Kate and William were offered alcoholic beverages including whiskey and Guinness.

The Duke of Cambridge enthusiastically opted for the spirit, saying: “Now we’re talking, I’m going to go for a whisky.”

Kate drank half a pint of Guinness during her visit to Northern Ireland (Image: GETTY)

Kate and Prince William meeting students on campus (Image: GETTY)

On the other hand, the Duchess picked up half a pint of Guinness and cheered with her husband and the students.

By choosing to drink alcohol in public, Kate quashed speculation she had kept out of the public eye over the summer because she was suffering from morning sickness typical of the first trimester of pregnancies.

A few royal experts had already dismissed speculation Kate and William were planning for a fourth baby. 

Earlier this month, before Kate returned to work, royal commentator Russell Myers told Today Australia: “I think that the Duchess isn’t pregnant, I think that some people have been asking the question of where has Kate been?

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Prince William drank a glass of whiskey (Image: GETTY)

“But where the truth really lies is they have been on holiday.”

Two weeks ago, another royal expert, Nick Bullen, said to believe Kate and William are all focused on their royal work now.

He told Us magazine: “I was having lunch with someone a couple of weeks ago who knows both of them very, very well.

“And they are really focused, over the next 12 months, on their work.


Kate and William at the Culture Shock event (Image: GETTY)

Kate and Prince William visited Ulster University’s Magee Campus (Image: GETTY)

“Both of them turn 40 next year. They are really keen to be promoting their charities, their initiatives, their foundation.

“I think for them, the next 12 months are all about the work, is not about a new baby.”

Asked what he thinks Kate and William will focus their attention on the most over the next year, Mr Bullen said he believes they will likely support the Queen amid celebrations for her historic 70th year on the throne.

Over the next months, Kate and William will surely continue to work also on their two legacy-making projects.

Kate and Prince William got married in 2011 (Image: EXPRESS)

In May, Kate launched the Royal Family Centre for Early Childhood, to deepen the understanding of the early years, their impact on the development of children and what can be done to enhance the experiences youngsters have.

Prince William launched last October the Earthshot Prize, a 10-year-long competition awarding every year five £1million prizes to people who present workable solutions to environmental issues.

During their visit to Northern Ireland yesterday, Kate and William mentioned their children.

The couple went on the petting zoo on campus, set up to help students deal with anxiety and stress.

Kate held a tarantula named Charlotte (Image: GETTY)

There, Kate picked up a tarantula named after her daughter Charlotte – who is famously fascinated by spiders.

In turn, Prince William held a python, which he described as “very cool”.

He added: “George is obsessed with snakes, he’s going to be so upset he missed this”.

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