Royal Family LIVE: Beatrice praised for copying Meghan and Harry over baby’s privacy

Royal Family LIVE: Beatrice praised for copying Meghan and Harry over baby's privacy

Prince Harry wanted to “jack in” royal duties for years, an expert has claimed, amid reports he and was the “prime mover” behind his and Meghan Markle’s departure from the Royal Family.

Andrew Morton’s latest edition of his book ‘Meghan: A Hollywood Princess’ claims the Duke of Sussex was the instigator for their departure.

Commenting on these claims, oyal expert Rebecca English said: “Actually, I think there is some merit in this claim.

“I was thinking about this earlier today, back in 2018 I wrote a piece when word started to leak out that the Fab Four weren’t quite as fab as we thought, saying actually it was a bit of a lazy, sexist trope to blame it on Meghan and some kind of row between Meghan and Kate.

“The issue was far more fundamental, and it was one between the brothers.

“I followed that up with a piece saying about how Harry had said to me and others over the years, how much he’d love to jack in royal duties and go off to Africa and work as a wildlife ranger.

“I think when you put those two together, the picture is actually very clear.

“Meghan was the catalyst, but none of this would have happened unless if Harry wanted it to.”

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