Prince Harry’s hopes for Meghan and Kate bond was ‘doomed from start’

Prince Harry's hopes for Meghan and Kate bond was 'doomed from start'

The couple recently made their first public appearance together in a joint speech in New York. Part of Global Citizen’s 24 hour TV marathon, they called for COVID-19 vaccine equality. It is something they have long fought for, having appeared in a Global Citizen event earlier this year making the same point.

Speaking from the Great Lawn in Central Park, Harry said: “Are we prepared to do what is necessary to end this pandemic?” before Meghan added: “There is so much that we can do today, now that can get us closer to ending this pandemic and that’s why we’re all here.”

The appearance is just one in a string of charitable endeavours they have embarked on in a bid to make the world a better place, and something they have vehemently pursued since leaving the Royal Family last year.

Their fallout was nothing short of tumultuous, the breakaway quickly dubbed Megxit.

Royal experts have struggled to pinpoint an exact time or reason as to why the pair fell out with the Firm.

Many have since drawn attention to failures on both sides that may have been early warning signs of an ill-fated royal journey, however.

Daniela Elser, a commentator who regularly writes about the Royal Family, recently published a piece in the New Zealand Herald titled, “Why Prince Harry’s wish for Meghan and Kate to get along was doomed”.

She explored the recently made public letter from Mary Queen of Scots to her cousin Queen Elizabeth I which reportedly rewrites the history of the two women, showing how Mary had sought to reconcile with her English counterpart.

While Meghan and Kate’s situation is world’s apart from that of Elizabeth I and Mary, Ms Esler noted, she said there were certain similarities, and that they were, “two women who could have been allies but who ultimately wound up on opposing sides; two women who shared elevated, titled positions and yet who found themselves in a years-long battle for the people’s hearts and minds”.

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Ms Elser is not alone in her conclusion.

While many initially expected the pair to become close, others noted that Meghan and Kate were never going to be best friends.

The pair came from completely different worlds: Meghan from a life of showbiz, Kate from an upper-middle class and quintessentially English upbringing.

Ashley Pearson, a royal commentator, previously appeared in Amazon Prime’s documentary, “Harry & Meghan: The Next Step”, and claimed that Meghan and Kate were inherently different people.

She said: “They’re by all means cordial, but I don’t believe they are close friends.

“I think Meghan and Kate probably don’t have all that much in common and they’re both full-formed adult women.

“They’re not teenagers that you take on a trip together and hope they get along.

“These are two fully-formed women with their own styles and opinions.”

She added: “I don’t believe there’s been a big rift between Meghan and Kate at all.

“I think it’s more likely that it’s Harry and William who have their own ideas about things and the wives are going along and supporting their husbands.”

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