Gladiators star ‘Rhino’ lays bare humorous question Queen asked him at royal tournament

Gladiators star ‘Rhino’ lays bare humorous question Queen asked him at royal tournament

Mark ‘Rhino’ Smith rose to fame during his appearances in the hit nineties game show, during which he had the chance to meet Her Majesty the Queen. Mark starred in the series from 1995 until its finale in 2000 and went on to pursue a career in television.

He has since spoken about his most memorable moment from that period.

During a Royal Tournament in 1997, the Gladiators star was lucky enough to meet the Queen for a brief moment where she asked him a particularly humorous question after he curtsied for the monarch.

He told the Mirror: “I curtsied and she said ‘hello, how long have you been working on your muscles?’.

“I said since the age of 16. She asked if I enjoyed it and I said very much so.

“She said: ‘You look very well’.”

During the show Mark, known as Rhino, impressed audiences with his robotic dancing.

He demonstrated his athletic ability in contests such as Gauntlet, Whiplash and Suspension Bridge.

He has also spoken about meeting actor Idris Elba before the now iconic actor made waves around the world with his appearance on ‘The Wire’ in 2002.


Mr Smith said: “I first met Idris in Dingwalls in Camden. He came up to me and said, ‘Hello, nice to meet you Rhino, man’. I said, ‘Nice to meet you too, bruv’.

“As we talked he told me he was thinking of going to America to try his hand at acting there. I told him he should definitely do that.”

They are both now good friends and were reunited in the 2010 film No Good Deed.

The friendship also yielded another joint project together in Idris’ 2018 directorial debut crime drama Yardie.

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The TV show Gladiators ran on ITV between 1992 and 2000, and saw muscular warriors take on contestants from across the country.

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