Kate set for TV role after ‘holding talks’ with UK producer on ‘important subject’

Kate set for TV role after 'holding talks' with UK producer on ‘important subject’

Kate reportedly took part in discussions on Tuesday with former Channel 4 commissioner David Glover, who was the brains behind the hit TV show Gogglebox. The 39-year-old is believed to have taken inspiration from her husband Prince William after he teamed up with David Attenborough for his environmental series on the BBC titled The Earthshot Prize: Repairing Our Planet.

The mother-of-three is a keen advocate for improving early childhood development and it is thought the preliminary talks centred on this topic.

A source told the Daily Mail’s Eden Confidential: “Catherine is very interested in a programme.

“She thinks it could be a really significant way to explore an important subject.

“She’s been very impressed with William’s efforts and knows how much he enjoyed making his Earthshot series.”

Kate said: “Our early childhoods shape our adult lives and knowing more about what impacts this critical time is fundamental to understanding what we as a society can do to improve our future health and happiness.

“The landmark Children of the 2020s study will illustrate the importance of the first five years and provide insights into the most critical aspects of early childhood, as well as the factors which support or hinder positive lifelong outcomes.

“I am committed to supporting greater in-depth research in this vital area and I’m delighted to be meeting all those behind the study at this early stage.”

The Duchess of Cambridge has spent a decade raising awareness on the subject and established her Royal Foundation Centre for Early Childhood.


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The Duke of Cambridge’s new five-part Earthshot documentary was released this week.

The climate change series follows on from the £50million Earthshot Prize pool, which awards £1million to each of the five successful ideas to tackle climate change – five new innovations will be funded each year for the next decade.

William said: “It is within our reach but only if we reach for it now.

“Over the next 10 years the Earthshot Prize will celebrate, champion and scale 50 innovative solutions to the biggest environmental challenges facing our planet.

“But in truth, it’ll take a lot more than 50 solutions. It will take every one of us, as individuals, as schools, as communities, as businesses, and as leaders to do our bit.

“To change our choices and our habits, to set and achieve our own personal Earthshots, we can change the world again.”

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