Royal Family LIVE: Meghan and Harry’s new project sparks fury from Cambridge fans

Royal Family LIVE: Meghan and Harry's new project sparks fury from Cambridge fans

The Duke of York is currently embroiled in a civil court case brought against him by one of Jeffrey Epstein’s victims.

Andrew – who stepped down from Royal duties in 2019 – has vehemently denied all of the accusations made against him but they have seriously marred his reputation.

Royal expert of the Daily Mirror, Russell Myers, has argued the “isolated” Duke is the only person who believes he can return to Royal duties.

Speaking to ITV’s Lorraine, he said: “I think he is the only person in the entire world at the moment who is clinging to the aspect that he could return.”

Mr Myers continued: “Prince William will obviously be taking over one day.

“I think we’ve seen him really come to the fore in his new role of being trusted lieutenant of the Queen and Charles.

“Not only does he think he is a threat but what really gets him, the source said, is his sense of entitlement and the way he has handled himself throughout this saga, he is no fan of his uncle Andrew.

“That says a lot about the relationship between them and he wants to sort this business before he damages the monarchy even further.”

Before concluding, the Royal expert added: “It does seem they’re closing ranks together on him and he’s become quite isolated.”

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