Queen's festive secrets unveiled as Palace shares royal Christmas pudding recipe

Queen’s festive secrets unveiled as Palace shares royal Christmas pudding recipe

Queen's festive secrets unveiled as Palace shares royal Christmas pudding recipe

The royal recipe was shared on the Queen’s Twitter and Instagram accounts. The video was posted by the Royal Family to mark Stir-Up Sunday, which is a tradition on the last Sunday before Advent when the Christmas pudding is prepared.

The recipe by royal chefs makes two 1kg Christmas puddings.

The caption says: “Today is Stir-up Sunday: traditionally the day when home cooks ‘stir up’ their Christmas pudding mixture on the Sunday before the Advent season – and the countdown to Christmas – begins.

“This year, chefs in the royal kitchens have shared their recipe for a traditional Christmas Pudding.

“We hope that some of you enjoy making it in your own homes.”

The recipe includes 250g raisins, 250g currants, 185g sultanas and 150g mixed peel.

Other ingredients are 250g suet, 250g breadcrumbs, 90g flour, 12g mixed spices, two eggs and 180g demerara sugar.

There’s also plenty of alcohol with 275ml beer, 40ml dark rum and 40ml brandy.

For those who would rather not use alcohol, orange juice or cold tea are suggested as alternatives.

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The saucepan should be filled with water up to three-quarters of the pudding basin height, covered with tin foil and steamed for six hours.

Once cooled, cooks can wrap the puddings and keep them in a cool, dry and dark place until they are eaten on Christmas Day.

The recipe adds: “On Christmas Day, reheat your pudding in a bain-marie for three to four hours.

“Remove from the basin using a rounded knife or palette knife, flip out onto a plate, garnish or flambé and serve with brandy sauce and cream.”

The royal recipe prompted a delighted reaction from followers on social media.

One Twitter user with the handle @balseimar said: “This has inspired me to make my Christmas pudding. Made it look simple and doable. Watch this space!!!!”

Another, @SuisseFlughafen, wrote: “Thank you so much for sharing.”

An Instagram user, debbieristimaki, added: “Wonderful – thank you so much for sharing the recipe!”

Another person on Instagram called rosierose214 commented: “Love Christmas Pudding. So rich and spicy and nutritious. Just very good food. Thank you so much for the recipe.”

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