Queen gives Camilla royal seal of approval as monarch ‘paves way’ for new title

The monarch made the Duchess of Cornwall a Royal Lady of the Most Noble Order of the Garter in recognition of her contribution to the monarchy. Camilla’s biographer Penny Junor said the Queen is giving her “seal of approval” to Charles’s wife with the honour.

Ms Junor added that the move could “pave the way” for Camilla to be Queen Consort when the Prince of Wales takes to the throne.

The royal author told Express.co.uk: “I think it’s a very good indication.

“I think it is the Queen saying that she approves of Camilla, she thinks she’s doing a great job, she’s an asset to the Royal Family and an asset to Prince Charles.

“I think it’s her giving her seal of approval which could pave the way.

“I think it was all that was needed. 

“I think it was all that was needed. It would have been very difficult had people thought that she was opposed to the idea of Camilla becoming Queen.”

Clarence House has always insisted Camilla will be known as Princess Consort when Charles ascends to the throne.

The announcement was made when the couple married amid upset over the breakdown of Charles’s marriage to Princess Diana and her death.

However, Camilla’s elevation to the nation’s most prestigious order of chivalry has heightened speculation she will take the Queen Consort title.

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“And I think really to call her Princess Consort would just be at odds with everything.

“There hasn’t been a Princess Consort before. If she’s his wife, she’s his Queen Consort.”

Ms Junor added that Camilla is a “very good thing” for the heir to the throne.

She said: “I think she has given him confidence that he has never had really before.

“And she’s someone who is really interested in him and who really loves him in a way that I don’t think he feels he was loved by anyone else before, with the possible exception of his grandmother. So it is a very genuine relationship.”

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