Nationwide issues £60 apology but not everyone seems to be eligible ‘Ruined Christmas!’

Nationwide issues £60 apology but not everyone seems to be eligible 'Ruined Christmas!'

NATIONWIDE customers were outraged as payment delays in December “ruined” their Christmas. The building society’s apology is not being well received either.

Nationwide clients have been hit three times in the last several weeks by online banking and payment delays or problems. Nationwide has issued a £60 apology to individuals affected in an attempt to right their wrongs, but many have protested that this is simply not enough.

While the reimbursement was not widely publicised, unhappy consumers resorted to social media to express their dissatisfaction at receiving so little for such a significant hardship.

Many people were shocked by the modest amount, and it appeared that some customers who had been severely harmed had not gotten any compensation at all.

“I was affected by this since I was also unable to get my money that was supposed to feed my children!” said Twitter user Sophie Crote. 

On Tuesday, January 4, inbound funds were delayed, and while January is notorious for being a challenging month financially, this glitch made it impossible for some people to pay their regular direct debits and standing orders.

Later that day, the problem was rectified, but many others were still affected by the outage.

Nationwide has fully accepted responsibility for these difficulties, noting on its website, “We understand the frustration these delays have caused our members.” 

“We accept full responsibility for this and apologise profusely.”

They go on to say that the impacted members will be paid “to offset any expenses or inconvenience caused.”

According to nationwide, people impacted should get a letter and text message with more information on the payment if they submitted a cell phone to the building society.

Customers were also encouraged to log into their online banking or banking app and double-check that any direct debits or standing orders that were supposed to be paid had been processed. 

Customers who notice a missing payment should call the firm to whom they owe and explain the circumstances.

A spokesman for the Nationwide Building Society said: “We have contacted and reimbursed members who had a failed direct debit on January 4 as a result of not being able to deposit the appropriate cash into their accounts.”

We apologise for any trouble this has caused. Any members who have faced extra challenges as a result of recent payment delays are welcome to visit us in branch, call us at 0800 302 011, or contact us via Twitter (@AskNationwide) to discuss their situation. “

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