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A heartwarming video of legendary Beatles’ producer George Martin is going viral Wednesday.

In previously unseen footage, the late music record producer, arranger and composer can be seen explaining why he signed the iconic band to his record label and recounting his first meeting with the quartet.

The touching clip was shared by his son Giles Martin on Twitter.

“I don’t normally share anything personal but this my dad from a while back explaining to my daughter he signed the Beatles,” Giles Martin captioned the video. “Ordinary people do extraordinary things. Great decisions are made for the simplest reasons.”

In the video, George Martin discusses his first meeting with the band and what he thought of the four musicians and their name when they traveled from Liverpool to London to meet him.

“Well, that’s a silly name for a start,” he says of the band. ” Who’d ever want a group with the name Beatles?”

Martin later became known as the “fifth Beatle” due to his involvement with the band. He died in his sleep on March 8, 2016, at the age of 90.

“When I listened to what they did, it was okay, but it wasn’t brilliant,” Martin continues in the clip. “It was okay, you know. So I thought, why should I be interested in this?

“But, the magic came when I started to get to know them, because they were terribly good people to know. They were funny, they were very clever… and they were the kind of people that you like to be with.”

He is heard saying: “And so I thought, well, if I feel this way about them, other people will feel this way about them. So therefore, they should be very popular.”

Martin’s funeral was attended by more than 600 people in 2016.

George Martin
This file photo taken on February 13, 2001 shows Beatles’ producer George Martin during a press conference at the European Parliament in Strasbourg.
GERARD CERLES/AFP via Getty Images

Paul McCartney was present and delivered a eulogy about Martin’s impact on the Beatles’ music.

“I have so many wonderful memories of this great man that will be with me forever. He was a true gentleman and like a second father to me,” McCartney said following Martin’s death, per NME.

Following Martin’s death in 2016, drummer Ringo Starr described him as “great, and kind, and loving,” telling Rolling Stone that he had an “understanding of four punks from Liverpool.”

The Beatles
The Beatles holding their silver disc. Left to right are, Paul McCartney, George Harrison (1943 – 2001), Ringo Starr, George Martin of EMI and John Lennon (1940 – 1980).
Chris Ware/Getty Images/Keystone

“At the beginning, he was the boss. It was so crazy, he was the only man who could press record,” he said.

The drummer went on to say: “We were a great match. We were lucky to get him, though we felt Parlophone [Records] wasn’t rock & roll. But we were just so thrilled to get a record deal.”

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