Feature: Japan’s ‘G-Mode Archives’ – The Retrogame Series You’ve Never Heard Of

A great way to play some more old games on Switch.

If you’re a retro game enthusiast, you’re likely aware of Hamster’s excellent Arcade Archives and ACA NEO GEO lines which both boast sizeable catalogues on Switch eShop. There is, however, another predominantly Japanese set of retro releases that might have passed you by completely: the G-Mode Archives and G-Mode Archives+ series.

This line launched in April 2020 and there are currently over forty G-Mode Archives titles available on the Switch eShop, although as only two of those — Zanac and Topolon — have made it to English-speaking shores, anyone could be forgiven for not being aware of this series’ existence. Like Hamster’s Arcade Archives, the aim here is to bring a wide range of otherwise left-behind games back for modern players, and G-Mode’s bespoke selection focuses on perhaps the most neglected subsection of retrogaming out there: games made for mobile phones.

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