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Kate Middleton & Prince William’s handshakes unveil true personalities – expert says

He then explained: “The other option is what Catherine does; she just takes a quick look at the person’s hand or in some instances, she doesn’t look at the person’s hand at all which means that she goes for the handshake without lowering her gaze or breaking eye contact at any point. 

“This version is more powerful and in some scenarios intimidating – but Catherine is not intimidating because she’s got her genuine and warm smile. But her handshake is one of power.”

As for why William looks down when going for a handshake, the expert revealed: “I think he wants to purposefully, give this feeling of deference. There’s also the fact that he’s quite tall, so this can be a way of not looking that intimidating. 

“In fact, there is another characteristic between the Cambridge’s handshake, that is the head nod. 

“Not everyone nods when going for a handshake – in general, that can be a matter of personal preference – but if you can get used to it, nodding when shaking hands is a nice addition to the greeting. 

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