New “Twitter Crypto” Team Aims To Explore NFTs, web3 and Metaverse

Twitter in the Crypto Verse

Amid reports surfacing the social media hub looking to capitalize on the growing hype of crypto, the company’s crypto engineering lead, Tess Rinearson, tweeted about a job opening. In his words,

Furthermore, according to the job posting on their official website Twitter stated:

“Our goal is to figure out what crypto means for Twitter, and what Twitter means for crypto: We help teams across Twitter build features that are supercharged by crypto while also thinking long-term about explorations in community, identity, and more.”

The opening for a Senior Product Manager, Crypto requires a candidate to have familiarity with dApps, blockchain interoperability protocols, blockchain scaling protocols, P2P systems, byzantine fault-tolerant distributed systems, or web3 primitives (like NFTs and DAOs).

Additionally, the job demands open-mindedness regarding the crypto space to keep up with the new trends.

This isn’t the first crypto-related job position opening posted by Twitter. The company is also looking for a Sr. Partner Manager, FinTech & Audio Creators.

The position asks for the candidate to have deep subject matter expertise on FinTech related topics such as Crypto, NFTs, the Creator economy, and more to establish and grow relationships with top Creators in the FinTech and social audio space.

Furthermore, another Product Communications Manager is responsible for serving as the main comms point of contact for various Twitter teams, including Twitter Crypto.

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