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Around 100,000 Russian troops have been moved near the border with Ukraine in recent weeks. The show of military strength, which also includes a build-up of tanks, artillery and missiles, has sparked fears of an imminent invasion. Russian President Vladimir Putin has consistently denied that Russia intends to invade its neighbour. However, western leaders have warned that an invasion may happen and have sent weapons to Ukraine.

Countries from the NATO military alliance, including Germany, are drawing up a package of crippling sanctions in a bid to deter Moscow’s military aggression.

German foreign minister Annalena Baerbock told parliament this week the sanctions will cover Nord Stream 2.

The recently completed controversial gas pipeline, which travels under the Baltic Sea, is set to double Germany’s supply of Russian natural gas.

Political expert John Callahan told that Germany does not have to accept the gas, however.

Mr Callahan is the Dean of the School of Graduate and Professional Studies at New England College in the US and has worked for the US State Department and in intelligence.

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Discussing Nord Stream 2, the expert said: “It’s a two-way street.

“If Russia does not comply on some issues, then they don’t have to take their gas.

“That’s been a stance of Germany for a long time, the gas situation for western Europe appears to be quite asymmetric with the power in Russia’s hands.

“But for a long time, Germany has stated, ‘well look it goes both ways and we can also not buy it’.

“But whether that’s really true or not in the dead of winter when people are cold, that’s a different question.”

She said: “If Russia invades Ukraine, one way or another, Nord Stream 2 will not move forward.

“I think the statements coming out of Berlin even today are very, very strong.”

Germany’s new chancellor, Olaf Scholz (top picture), has previously been ambiguous over Nord Stream 2, according to Mr Callahan.

He said Mr Scholz’s SPD party previously “didn’t talk much about” the pipeline.

He added: “They are looking to get fuel and get it from the east, they also have not been super hard on Russia or China.”

Mr Scholz will travel to Washington on February 7 to discuss the Russia crisis with US President Joe Biden.

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