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Scott Morrison, 53, defied the pollsters to pull off a shock victory in the 2019 federal election. However, the Australian Prime Minister will need to hope he can overcome the odds yet again to return the Liberal-National coalition to power for another three years.

In the first Newspoll survey of 2022, Labor opened up its largest lead since Mr Morrison replaced Malcolm Turnbull, 67, as Prime Minister in August 2018.

Labor, led by the 58-year-old former Deputy Prime Minister Anthony Albanese, are 12-points ahead of Mr Morrison’s party, with 56 percent of Australians indicating they would vote Labor in the second ballot.

The survey also suggests the coalition could lose up to 25 seats and Mr Morrison’s group currently have the backing of just 44 percent of Australians.

In the first round, Labor’s support stands at 41 percent and the coalition is at just 34 percent.

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The Greens find themselves in third place on 11 percent and the One Nation Party is on just three points.

However, the Liberal Party’s deputy leader Josh Frydenberg, 50, has defended his leader and said the polls could change come election day.

He said: “Many obituaries were written by those in the media and our political opponents who got ahead of themselves.”

Mr Frydenberg added: “Australians know that he’s working hard every day to deliver the best health and economic outcomes.

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The Prime Minister’s net satisfaction rating has also fallen by 11 points to -19 percent.

Whereas, Mr Albanese’s rating has left the red zone to hit zero.

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