Death in Paradise’s Josephine Jobert ‘sad’ over scenes with Shantol Jackson

Naomi Thomas (played by Shantol Jackson) arrived in Saint Marie earlier in the current series, and instantly proved herself as an ambitious and hard-working detective. But shortly after Naomi arrived, it was time for Florence to say her goodbyes. Death In Paradise fans were heartbroken that the key character had decided to move on, as a potential relationship between her and DI Neville Parker (Ralf Little) always seemed to be on the cards. The actress herself opened about her sadness over her exit and scenes with Naomi.

The hit BBC series returned last month, and Naomi’s first episode gave insight into how serious she is about her career.

Last week saw Florence leave the series after joining the hit show in series four.

When asked about Florence and Naomi’s relationship upon meeting, the French actress replied: “Florence is always really happy when there’s a new girl in the team.”

She admitted: “I was a bit sad that we didn’t have that many scenes together, but we have a couple.

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“They have a great relationship. In the team there are two teams, Neville and Florence, and Marlon and Naomi.

“So, it was more about Marlon and Naomi than Florence and Naomi but I think it works well on screen.”

The 36-year-old talked about how she welcomed Shantol to the famous team when she arrived in the unique location of Guadeloupe.

“When Shantol arrived I didn’t see her for a couple of days but I sent her a message to welcome her because I know what it’s like to be the new person in a team,” she recalled.

Joséphine continued: “She’s amazing, I really love her, she’s like the sister I never had.

“Everything was closed for some time because of Covid so we didn’t have the chance to really explore and do things.

“We would just spend time together in my place, play cards and go to the gym.”

Taking to social media after Florence’s exit scenes had aired, co-star Elizabeth Bourgine, who plays Catherine Bordey, posted a picture of herself and Joséphine, captioning it: “Friendship on set, friendship in life… Forever Death in Paradise ladies.”

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