Justin Bieber Confronting Charlie Puth Facetime

One of the strangest celeb beefs is this most recent one between producer Benny Blanco and Charlie Puth. Let me catch you up, in case you forgot.

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So, Charlie has kind of rebranded his music career on TikTok with ultra-viral videos, where he shows the behind-the-scenes journey of making his songs. They’ve gotten tens of millions of views, and people really love them.

And recently, Benny has been taking jabs at Charlie on TikTok every time he’s posted anything music-related. Like, he’s called him a “piece of shit” and mocked him for documenting his musical process.

One time, Charlie posted a video and Benny insulted his hair and said, “Look at you: You sit in a room all day and make TikToks.”

Well, this week, it LOOKED LIKE another player joined Benny’s side — Justin Bieber.

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On Wednesday, Benny posted this video of Justin FaceTiming an unsuspecting Charlie. Justin was alongside Kid Laroi and Benny. To add to how awkward this is, keep in mind Justin and Charlie both dated the legendary Selena Gomez:

“We never really got to talk about just like years ago when you said, ‘Fuck you,’ onstage to me,'” Justin said, referring to this viral clip when Charlie Puth said, “Fuck you, Justin Bieber,” mid-performance of “We Don’t Talk Anymore,” his song with Selena.

Charlie nervously laughed, to which Justin said, “I don’t think it’s very funny to be honest.”

“What, you’re talking about that shit from six years ago? That was like a fucking — that was a joke,” Charlie said.

“I know, but it hurt my feelings,” Justin said.

“You can’t be serious; that wasn’t real,” Charlie said. “That was a fucking thing that got completely blown out of proportion.”

“Well, do you mind explaining what it was about?”

“Bro, I was being facetious. I was being completely sarcastic. I also can’t tell if you’re joking right now…” Ugh, THE AWKWARDNESS. You can kind of hear Charlie’s soul leave his body at this point.

“Well, I don’t appreciate it,” Justin said, before the video ended.

Charlie claimed he knew from the beginning, but from the sound of his voice and demeanor on the phone, IDK about that.

He said Justin being with Kid Laroi was the biggest red flag.

And when asked about revenge and retaliation, Charlie said this:

All in all, it is fun to see celebrities do dumb shit like us. To watch the full prank, click here. And to see the follow-up interview of Charlie addressing it, click here.

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