AIPT Movies Podcast episode 22: ‘Batman Forever’ • AIPT

In this week’s episode of the AIPT Movies podcast, Alex, Tim, and Matt discuss Joel Shumacher’s bold, colorful, and often-misunderstood superhero movie, Batman Forever! How long do we spend quoting Jim Carrey’s lines? Is an impeccable fashion sense the only redeeming quality of Tommy Lee Jones’s Two-Face? Also, Alex, Tim, and Matt broke into the movie industry with the independent zombie horror movie, People Who Eat People. However, much like all of Alex’s movies, it seems to be impossible to find. That is, until a fan of the podcast found it streaming online. What did they have to say about the gang’s mysterious first movie? Listen now to find out!

The AIPT Movies podcast brings you the latest in movie news, reviews, and more! Hosted by supposed “industry vets,” Alex Harris, Tim Gardiner, and Matt Paul, the show gives you a peek behind the scenes from three filmmakers with oddly nonexistent filmographies. You can find Alex on Instagram and Twitter @alexharriscomix. Matt is a terrific artist that you can find on Instagram @no_wheres_ville. Tim can’t be found on social media because he doesn’t exist. If you have any questions or suggestions for the AIPT Movies crew, they can be reached at

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AIPT Movies Podcast episode 22: 'Batman Forever’ • AIPT

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