Dancing On Ice’s Dan Whiston says there was ‘blood everywhere’ after Connor’s horror fall before show

Dancing On Ice had viewers on the edge of their seats this week, as we saw stumbles, tumbles and scores through the roof.

Connor Ball was one celebrity to receive a nasty injury after practicing his routine before heading out on to the ice.

And now OK!’s columnist, Associate Creative Director Dan Whiston, has shared the inside scoop and his thoughts on the show just gone.

Dan told us that this year really is the “most competitive Dancing On Ice yet,” adding: “The standard is so high, so everyone is pushing and pushing and pushing. Everyone wants to be in the top three, and the top three is changing weekly. It’s making for a very interesting show.”

The Pussycat Dolls' legendary Kimberly Wyatt is set to take on the rink
The Pussycat Dolls’ legendary Kimberly Wyatt scooped up the highest score of the series

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Sunday’s show saw Pussycat Dolls’ Kimberly scoop up the highest score of the series in a very impressive routine with partner Mark Hanretty, and Dan believes a full house of ten’s might not be far off for the star.

“I think she’s climbing up and when she starts off so high like she did, it’s difficult to keep climbing but they are doing! They’re so close to the ten mark and it really is around the corner for them. Kim is a performer, she knows how to turn it on and it’s wonderful to watch her.”

Unfortunately Rachel Stevens became the next to leave after a tense skate-off against Kye White.

Here’s what Dan had to say…


The tribute for Sean last night was beautiful. The loss of Sean Rice really has been felt by everyone on Dancing On Ice. It was such a shock for everybody and anyone that knew Sean loved him and anyone who met him thought a lot of him. All of our hearts, thoughts and prayers are with his wife and his family. It was such sad news, but the tribute really was beautiful.

Sean Rice starred on Dancing on Ice 2011 and 2012
The loss of Sean Rice really has been felt by everyone on Dancing On Ice


Connor fell and smashed his chin on the ice before his performance, and there was blood everywhere. They stitched his chin and properly mended it, so he went and performed with a stitched chin and for me he really had balls of steel last night. His stitches burst open during the routine but he carried on, so when he finished there was blood dripping down his costume and on to the ice. He did incredibly well and really pulled it out of the bag.

He was practicing his required element and everyone was practicing it backstage and going over and over it and he just fell right on his chin. It was really painful bless him. I asked if he could still go out and do the performance and he said he was still going to go out and try his best. He gave it everything he had and everyone that knew what had happened was skating it with him. The dreaded spin was coming up and I thought how scared he must’ve been to do it given what had happened.

Dancing On Ice's Connor Ball was seen by paramedics on Sunday's show after his stitches opened live on-air after his routine
Dancing On Ice’s Connor Ball was seen by paramedics on Sunday’s show after his stitches opened live on-air after his routine

Connor with dance partner Alex
Connor with dance partner Alex


Kye is a great personality – yes he did have a little stumble but he gives it everything he’s got and again sometimes it shows people just how difficult it is. They smashed their skate off though, and I think they had more attack and more power. It’s great to have him back on the ice.


I was speaking to Stef about her prosthetic leg the other day and it’s amazing because you watch and think wow and forget she has a prosthetic leg because she’s just so good on it. Stef really isn’t the sort of person to dwell on her disability – she’ll never talk about it, and she just wants to do what everyone else is doing. It’s wonderful to watch her work because she doesn’t talk about it, she just gets on with it. I really think her work is paying off now. There are times I’ll come in thinking I’m the first one, first thing in the morning, and they’ll be on the ice working. Last thing at night too, they’re on the ice! Last night’s was Stef’s best skate to date.

Stef really isn't the sort of person to dwell on her disability
Stef really isn’t the sort of person to dwell on her disability


We’ve had some stumbles and falls this week and that does knock people’s confidence. In rehearsals the day of the show, Rachel and Brendyn had a really nasty fall. Brendyn split his elbow and there was blood everywhere and he had to have stitches in his elbow. It was all going on. It does knock confidence but you can’t afford to let it. I thought Rachel skated fantastically and I was sorry to see her go but again someone has to go each week and it was Rachel’s time. Accidents are awful but they do happen, and I think that’s a reminder for everyone at home just how tough the show is.

Rachel and Brendyn had a really nasty fall
Rachel and Brendyn had a really nasty fall


Obviously everyone missed Phil and we’re all hoping he’ll feel better soon. At the same time, I’ve known Stephen for a long time and he’s been a member of Dancing On Ice before so it was really great to have him back. Phil was missed, but equally it was great to have Stephen.

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