LONDON, Feb. 9, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — HYPE Sports Innovation is the Global Sports Tech Arena with over 100 top sport brands, clubs and federations as partners.

HYPE Sports Innovation’s vision is to impact people’s lives through the power of sports and innovation. They have been doing that since 2015 with over 40K+ followers, experts, investors and mentors – all contributing to the great value generated across the ecosystem, including leading the metaverse arena.

HYPE’s investment and equity portfolio is now one of the largest holdings with over 250 sports tech startups, some on their way to becoming unicorns, raising +200M €, closing agreements with top sports brands  like Milwaukee Bucks, PSG, Bundesliga PGA Tour, FIBA, Under Armour, ESL, 888, and Volkswagen to mention a few. 

Together in this journey they have key people of the industry in the board like the UEFA Marketing Director, Canal+ Head of Digital Sport, PWC Sports Director, among many others collaborating with them.

Guillermo Heredia was LaLiga’s International Development Manager for Middle East, North Africa, Russia and India but moved to HYPE in the role of Managing Director, Metaverse and Blockchain. “HYPE is delighted to welcome Guillermo to join the leadership team. Together, we are sure we will impact the sport industry and take the blockchain and metaverse arena to the next level” Amir Raveh HYPE Sports Innovation Founder and President.

“It is a hot topic right now, the metaverse alone is expected to be $800 bn in 2024, and the NFTs $80 bn in 2025. Many clubs/brands want to enter this new world, but do they know all the alternatives available in the ecosystem? Do they know who to join to do an NFT/metaverse project? What is the best way to engage with their fans/clients? How to monetize?… We would be able to help them in this journey, as we not only have the knowledge with our experts, but also the connections of sports properties/brands who have done it before, as well as the startups who helped to create it. HYPE is the first thing that should come to your mind when you want to do any project around metaverse, blockchain/NFTs”. 

In their strategy, HYPE plans to create educational courses, consultancy services, investment in top start-ups, and also organize events like the Global Sport Tech Summit (GSTS 2022) which will take place February 22nd.

The GSTS 2022 is a 3D virtual event with +2000 attendees, +300 VIP attendees and speakers from companies and sport properties like META, DAZN, Golden State Warriors, LaLiga, Dapper Labs, Sandbox,, Man City, Chelsea, Liverpool, NHL, Coca Cola or Nike among many others.

For more info, contact: 

David Olwyn, Marketing Director via [email protected]

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