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The CEO of the Community Security Trust admitted that the impact of lockdown was a major reason for the shocking instigation of antisemitism in the UK along with the war in the Middle East between Israel and Palestina. In the first six months of 2021 anti-semitism hit an all-time UK high and Mark Gardner warned that there is “very much something going on”. The Community Security Trust (CST), which Mr Gardner works for, recorded a staggering 2,555 hate incidents which included people shouting abuse at Jews from their cars along with 173 physical assaults.

Speaking about Nick Ferrari on LBC, he admitted that there is an element of truth to the idea that jew-hatred was exacerbated during lockdown.

He said: “I think there is an impact of the lockdown.

“Now we had two things coming together back in May and June which was a lifting of lockdown restrictions and also war in the Middle East.

“And basically, when those two things came together we saw by far the worst single month of anti-semitism that we’ve ever had reported to CST. So there is very much something going on.”

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In 2021 crimes against Jews increased by “a third” on its 1,685 cases from 2020, making it the highest annual number of anti-judaism incidents ever recorded by the CST.

But the news comes as no surprise to the Jewish community and Mr Gardner said: “It was not a good year last year for British Jews and I think most Jewish people will be shocked but not surprised.

“So it’s the first time that we’ve had over two thousand cases of anti-Jewish race hatred reported by members of the public and police forces to CST.

“It’s a third up on the year before and it’s a quarter more than anything that we have seen in any previous worst year, so it was not good.”

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London is the UK’s most densely populated Jewish city with over 200,000 Hebrews living in the capital, followed by Greater Manchester, Leeds, Greater Glasgow, Brighton and Hove and to a lesser extend Liverpool, Birmingham and Bournemouth.

Many people of Jewish background are being targeted in the streets, at universities, in schools and online and Secretary Priti Patel vowed she is doing her utmost so that culprits will be prosecuted if found guilty of anti-semitic abuse.

She said: “Our Jewish community has been subject to appalling hatred.

“In addition to supporting the work of CST, I continue to support the police to ensure they have the resources to tackle these despicable incidents so that perpetrators can then be punished with the full force of the law.”

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