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This week’s News of Note includes a Foo Fighters VR concert, a peek inside Trickbot’s operations, an NFT makeover for Beatles memorabilia, some personal space for avatars, and more.

Cybercriminals exploit U.S. schools’ growing dependency on technology. (Al Jazeera)

Julian Lennon turns Beatles memorabilia into NFTs. (Mark Brown, The Guardian)

The Foo Fighters will play virtual concert following Super Bowl. (J. Clara Chan, Hollywood Reporter)

Google’s AlphaCode AI system competes with humans in computer programming contest. (Jane Wakefield, BBC News)

Carded by camera? Some London-based supermarkets are testing efficacy of age-recognition cameras. (Jane Wakefield, BBC News)

Why did Blockverse developers delete NFT Minecraft project after pocketing over $1 million in tokens? (Zack Zwiezen, Kotaku)

Trickbot: A behind the scenes look at one of cybercrime’s top baddies. (Matt Burgess, Wired)

Meta addresses virtual harassment: Avatars get personal space. (Jane Wakefield, BBC News)

Tech startups see opportunity to merge tech and housing construction in U.S. housing market. (David Ingram, NBC News)

Pinterest’s augmented reality feature now includes big brand furniture. (Sarah Perez, TechCrunch)

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