Putin’s plot to STARVE millions of Britons as export ban ‘threatens food security’

Ongoing tensions between Russia and Ukraine have exposed a major risk to the food security of millions of Britons. Mr Putin has amassed 140,000 troops along the border of Ukraine, with experts fearing that an invasion is imminent. Food security experts have warned that the conflict between the two countries, which provide 30 percent of the world’s wheat exports, may have disastrous consequences.

Meanwhile, Mr Putin has issued a temporary ban on the export of chemical fertilizers, which has led to prices skyrocketing.

Minette Batters, president of the National Farmers’ Union (NFU) warned that tensions between the two eastern European countries have revealed a risk to the UK’s food supplies, with soaring costs and post Brexit in-fighting helping to create a “perfect storm” for the country’s food security.

Speaking to the Independent, she said: “I cannot understand why you would not treat food security as important as defence.

“The quickest way to create a serious issue [for a country] is if you have food shortages.”

Earlier this month, Moscow issued a two-month halt on exports of ammonium nitrate.

This chemical is a key ingredient for boosting yields from crops such as wheat and cotton.

The ban has led to the global price of fertilisers skyrocketing, which had already risen before after the US and UK imposed sanctions on Belaruskali, Belarus’s biggest potash supplier in 2021.

Figures compiled by the Canadian government show that Belarus and Russia account for 38 percent of the global supply of potash, which is a group of minerals that are mined to create various fertilisers.

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