Queen health update: Monarch makes first official appearance since Covid rocks royals

The Queen held two virtual audiences from her Berkshire home on Tuesday morning. As part of her first engagements of the year at Windsor Castle, the sovereign greeted the Estonian ambassador, who spoke to the monarch via video-link from Buckingham Palace.

The diplomat, Viljar Lubi, presented the Queen with the Letters of Recall of his predecessor and his own Letter of Credence as the new ambassador based in the UK.

He was accompanied to the remote meeting with the Queen by his wife, Maarja Junti.

The Queen’s second meeting played out in a similar way as Spain’s new ambassador, José Pasqual Marco Martinez presented her his own Letters.

For her return to work at Windsor Castle following her trip to Sandringham, the Queen donned a colourful dress with a floral pattern.

She accessorised her outfit with her iconic pearl necklace and a diamond brooch.

The monarch appeared in good health and high spirits as she smiled throughout the engagements.

This comes amid concerns the Queen may have caught COVID-19 from her son Prince Charles, who tested positive for the virus on Thursday.

The Prince of Wales reportedly met his 95-year-old mother earlier that week.   

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A royal source said late last week the monarch’s health was being monitored, but she was not showing any symptoms of the virus.

However, the palace refused to say whether the monarch had tested positive for the virus, citing privacy.


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