Activision Promises More Anti-Cheat Updates For Call of Duty Warzone

PC gaming has long since battled with hacks and scripts for as long as they have existed. Being able to parse through the code and discern how to maliciously affect the code has been an issue for decades. Yet, only recently has this issue seen more and more measures taken to combat the players hacking. Most commonly nowadays is the functional Anti-Cheat system that is predicated in most competitive online video games today. Yet while its omission in big titles like Halo Infinite turns to a more focused player feedback system, the need is clear. Yet, these systems can still affect players who just want to play the game when implemented poorly. Battlefield 2042 saw many users having issues with the easy anti-cheat system. On the other hand, COD Warzone recently beefed up its security with kernel-level access that is present in Vanguard as well. Despite this, hackers have been able to circumvent the system; as such, Activision has released a blog post on the future of COD Warzone Anti-cheat.

What New Anti-Cheat Features Are Coming To COD Warzone?

While the ricochet anti-cheat system isn’t perfect, it still does deter hackers. Separating the cheaters and non in their servers is a smart idea and one Respawn thought of for Titanfall. While that system outright told players when they’d move onto the other servers, the ricochet system is quite strict. Activision announced a new feature called damage shield. A new implementation of ricochet is when players are caught cheating in the middle of a match. If the cheater then proceeds to try and eliminate another player, a damage shield is provided. Allowing unsuspecting users to be safe from cheaters’ aim. While there is no word on when that would be rolling out to live servers, it’s great developments in anti-cheat technology.

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