Best British Casino Movies of All Time | Film Threat

There have been some fantastic British casino films over the years, but which are the best British casino movies ever released? On this page, we’re going to run through the top five British casino movies, according to

Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels

Best British Casino Movies of All Time | Film Threat

Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels isn’t just the best British casino film – it’s also one that gave a huge boost to British gangster movies. It starts with the main character in a shady underground poker game, where he’s cheated out of his money, and ends up owing a ruthless gangster thousands of pounds.

The movie then follows him and his friends as they attempt to get their hands on the money before the gangster gets his hands on them. As you’d expect from a Guy Ritchie film, it’s funny and violent in equal parts, and a film everyone should watch. It was followed by Snatch, which is mentioned further down this page.

Casino Royale

Best British Casino Movies of All Time | Film Threat

The only Bond film on this list, Casino Royale saw Daniel Craig start playing the world’s most famous spy. This film takes place near the beginning of the secret agent’s career, and sees him going up against Le Chiffre, a criminal known for financing terrorism.

In the movie, Bond attempts to bankrupt the bad guy in a game of high-stakes poker game, held in Montenegro. Of course, things don’t go to plan, and Bond ends up losing his money – only to be refinanced by a CIA agent who also happens to be playing. This is one of the best Bond films around and one every casino lover should watch.


Best British Casino Movies of All Time | Film Threat

This is perhaps the most obscure film on the list, as it won’t be known by everyone. It’s a neo noir movie released in 1998, starring Clive Owen. He plays the eponymous croupier, who works in the casino while trying to write a book.

As the film progresses, Owen’s character slips into a dangerous underworld, and experiences a number of harrowing events. However, these eventually influence his writing and lead to him penning a best-seller – but he’ll never recover fully from his time spent as a croupier.


Best British Casino Movies of All Time | Film Threat

While it’s not specifically a movie based on a casino, we had to include Snatch in this list. Instead of casinos, it is concerned more with boxing betting, with Brad Pitt’s character being a fighter from the traveller community.

The movie is based on a race to find a precious diamond, and the ensuing carnage is interspersed with real humour, as well as quite a bit of violence. Overall, it’s a movie everyone should sit down and watch once, but especially if you’re a fan of Brad Pitt.


Best British Casino Movies of All Time | Film Threat

Revolver is yet another Guy Ritchie film on the list – he seems to be a fan of casino-based action flicks! Starring Jason Statham, this movie sees the main character, a recently released conman, travelling to a casino owned by a pretty nasty gangster, determined to claim money owed to him by.

Of course, things don’t go to plan, and Statham’s character doesn’t get the money he’s after. Cue relentless action in the way only Jason Statham knows how, as he looks for revenge over the gangster.

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