‘Disgusting’: Driver furious after being hit with ‘ridiculous’ fine for parking over line

Martyn Longbottom was shocked to find he had received a ticket when he returned to his car in Sheffield’s Wellington Street car park. The 62-year-old found the parking ticket during his lunch break on Tuesday which was given for “not parking correctly”.

He was fined £50, which will be reduced to £25 if he pays the fine within the 28-day deadline.

But Martyn is intent on appealing the charge, which he has labelled “disgusting” and “ridiculous”.

Martyn said he returned to his car at 2pm earlier this week to find a parking attendant placing a ticket on the windscreen.

He said: “I said I had paid and had a ticket in my car so I asked what I had done wrong.

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This could include a valid pay and display ticket, photos to show there were no road markings to restrict parking or photos that are hard to see or understand.

Any appeals should include the date the ticket was issued, the address of the driver, the vehicle registration number and the penalty notice number.

If the appeal is successful, the PCN or ECN will be cancelled and the driver won’t have to pay.

Martyn told Yorkshire Live he was in the process of writing a letter of complaint to Sheffield City Council. have contacted Sheffield City Council for a comment.

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By Felix Reeves

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