Is Outer Banks season 3 coming to Netflix in 2022?

We have great news, OBX fans. Principal photography on Outer Banks season 3 has officially commenced, which means we’re getting closer to seeing our favorite Pogues back on our screens!

Outer Banks premiered on Netflix in April 2020 and quickly became one of the best Netflix original series. It didn’t take long at all for the teen series to rise up the Netflix charts. People couldn’t stop talking about the show and telling everyone they knew about it.

It took about three months, but Netflix finally green-lit the show for a second season. Of course, Outer Banks only grew in popularity when it dropped its second season in July 2021. After an explosive second season, fans couldn’t wait to see more. But this time around it took Netflix much longer to renew the series. In December 2021, Netflix renewed Outer Banks for a third season.

Now we’ve all been waiting on new updates about where the show is in the filmmaking process. Several rumors have been flying around about when production would start for Outer Banks season 3, but now we have confirmation. Keep reading because we shared everything we know about the third season production schedule.

Is Outer Banks season 3 coming to Netflix in 2022?

It’s looking like it! Our prediction for when the third season could arrive on Netflix is sometime in late 2022. We’ve come up with this based on how long the previous season took in post-production before it landed on Netflix. The second season spent four months in post-production before it made its way to Netflix.

What’s on Netflix reported that production would start on Feb. 16, 2022 and then end on Aug. 19, 2022. It looks like there’s some truth to this rumor because filming has officially started in February.

On Feb. 14, Valerie Weiss, a director for Outer Banks, posted several photos of the cast and crew of the teen series on her Instagram with the caption reading “Big love to my @obx family as they begin shooting Season 3 tomorrow!!!! See ya’ll soon! #outerbanks #season3 @netflixfilm.”

Take a look at Valerie’s post below!

Since Valerie made this post on Feb. 14, one day later would be Feb. 15. So the cast and crew begin filming for the highly anticipated third season on Tuesday, Feb. 15! It looks like everything is on schedule and that filming could wrap sometime in August like What’s on Netflix reported. Keep in mind that production schedules are subject to change if need be. But right now, we’re looking at an August wrap date.

If filming for season 3 actually wraps in August, we’re expecting the series to enter post-production immediately after. So four months from August would put the release date somewhere between November and December 2022. We could see the third season earlier or later than our prediction. But I don’t think Netflix would hold Outer Banks season 3 any later than early 2023. We’ve seen a new season every year since the show premiered. Pushing the third season into 2023 would be out of the norm for this series.

So for now expect Outer Banks season 3 to premiere in late 2022. Stay tuned to Netflix Life for more news and coverage on Outer Banks season 3!

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