Princess Eugenie’s charity ‘potential avenue’ for Prince Andrew to reinvent himself

Prince Andrew, 61, could find his way back into public life through his daughter Princess Eugenie’s charity, the Anti-Slavery Collective. The royal announced will be launching a new podcast dedicated to the charity after it was founded in 2017. Daily Mirror Royal Editor Russell Myers has since claimed Andrew could get involved with the charity after he agreed to make a “substantial donation” to Virginia Giuffre’s charity after the pair agreed to an undisclosed out-of-court settlement in her civil sex claim against him.

He told The Royal Beat: “The language used in this [settlement] statement is that Prince Andrew will be helping sex trafficking victims.

“Is this him positioning himself to try and reinvent himself in the eyes of the public?

“Speaking to friends of his this week – they say he still feels he has a lot to offer public life again.

“I still believe that he is the only person on the planet that believes that [apart from] possibly Fergie and possibly the Queen.”

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“He is only 61, but it is impossible to see how he could have any future.

“His daughter Princess Eugenie founded and helped run a charity for victims of trafficking.

“Maybe he sees that as an avenue because possibly his family are the only ones who think they can help him at this stage.”

It comes as the Duke of York is keeping his dukedom and his service rank of Vice-Admiral and will remain a Counsellor of State despite calls to have it removed.

As a former royal member of the armed forces who served in the Royal Navy, he was by convention promoted in line with his still-serving peers and made Vice-Admiral by the Navy on his 55th birthday in 2015.

Defence Secretary Ben Wallace said the decision on titles “rests obviously with the Palace in the future”.

Andrew remains in the line of succession to the throne – ninth in line – and is also a Counsellor of State.

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