A Place in the Sun’s Laura Hamilton urged to ‘slow down’ by expert as she details struggle

A Place In The Sun star Laura Hamilton was told to “slow down” after attending a yoga session. The 39-year-old gave her 153,000 Instagram followers an update from her car after her morning activities today.

She recorded herself as she made her way back home after dropping her children off at school, before attending a yoga class and having a massage in the morning.

In the clip, shared to her Instagram Story, Laura confessed that she did not find it easy to “switch off”.

Laura looked energised as she asked her followers: “Hey! How are you all doing?

“Look at me, I look like I have just got out of bed, but I haven’t because I dropped the children off at school and then I came to a yoga and massage session at somebody’s house – a lady that had been recommended to me.

She wrote: “This isn’t something I ever thought I’d be saying but, after 13 years of being together Alex and I have separated.

“Our children are and always will be our number one priority and we would respect privacy for our family at this time.”

As well as blocking fans from commenting on the post, Laura deleted all pictures of her former partner from her account.

In a recent interview with Hello! magazine Laura said she was “overwhelmed with sadness” following the separation.

She explained: “It was a chapter of my life that I am now closing, and I have so many happy memories.

“I am very much someone who believes in focusing on the future, not having regrets, and I want to be positive for my children.”

Laura also clarified that the decision to separate had been mutual and said that she and Alex were on “different paths”.

The TV star added that the happiness of the former couple’s children is their priority.

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