Car POLL: Would new car tax changes stop you buying an electric car?

The Transport Select Committee’s Road Pricing report suggested electric cars could be included in a new road pricing pay per mile fee. EV owners would pay as they are currently exempt from fuel duty and Vehicle Excise Duty (VED) rates.

However, there is fear the Treasury could be affected as more drivers make the switch to EVs.

Predictions have indicated there could be a loss of £35billion in revenue which would need to be replaced.

They added no car tax fees were initially introduced to help motorists “offset” the higher purchase price of EVs.

But, will the introduction of new car tax fees for EVs put drivers off purchasig an electric vehicle? 

Should EVs be taxed at all? Or should this massive incentive to adoption be maintained. We want to hear your views in our poll below.

Car tax incentives have been a key part of manufacturers marketing around electric vehicles and adding fees could cause anger amongst those who have switched.

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By Luke Chillingsworth

Luke joined as a News Reporter in April 2019 before moving to the role of Cars Reporter in September. He won the Guild of Motoring Writers Sir William Lyons award in December 2018. He has been Acting Senior Cars Reporter since July 2021.

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