Charlene White defended by Loose Women co-star amid backlash over ‘racism’ clash

Loose Women yesterday saw a heated debate between the stars of the ITV show over Ukraine. Following on from the programme, Charlene White felt she had to take to Twitter to say she was not “playing the race card”.

During Tuesday’s episode, Charlene spoke with Janet Street Porter about the racism refugees had received.

She was referring to the news from the UN that fleeing Ukrainian refugees had faced racism at the country’s border.

High Commissioner for Refugees Filippo Grandi said yesterday there were instances of this happening.

The topic was discussed on Loose Women as some of the panellists clashed over their opinions on it.

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Charlene had said: “In the midst of all of this, the midst of people trying to flee from their homes, the midst of them trying to dodge bullets and bombs, they still have time for racism.

“Because you’ve got thousands of Black, Asian, Syrian, Arab students and workers, who have also been trying to get out of Ukraine.

“They have been prevented from doing so due to the racism that they have experienced.

“They’ve not been allowed to go through the border into Poland for example, where they’ve been pushed back.”

“But if you have thousands of refugees, you can’t stand there and say, ‘Oh, you 50 people come in, you four people with darker skin? Sorry’.”

Following the broadcast, Charlene took to Twitter to defend herself amidst backlash.

She wrote in view of her 60,000 followers: “For those throwing the phrase, ‘playing the race card’ at me today re @loosewomen… let me be VERY clear.

“You feeling uncomfortable hearing someone talking about race is not my concern, when the concern ought to be directed towards the victims who are subjected to it.”

Kaye Adams, Charlene’s Loose Women co-star, has since weighed in on the incident.

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