Royal Family LIVE: Kate And William spark fan frenzy after royal protocol broken-‘lovely’

 Kate Middleton and Prince William’s reaction to a woman who broke royal protocol during a meeting has been revealed.

The Duke and Duchess visited Nicky Hurts’s cheese stand at Abergavenny market, where the market stallholder addressed the royals as “Kate” and “Will”.

The correct way to address a member of the Royal Family is by firstly calling them “Your Royal Highness” and then using “Sir” or “Ma’am” accordingly.

However, Ms Hurst said that the Cambridges were not put out by the informal address.

She said: “They are lovely,

“I wasn’t sure what they’d be like and what to call them in terms of their titles. I called them ‘Kate’ and ‘Will,’ and they were really relaxed.”

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