Wallace warns War in Europe ‘would be upon us’ if UK bowed to Ukraine no-fly zone pressure

Ben Wallace has discussed the likely outcome of western nations imposing a no-fly zone over Ukraine with hosts on Good Morning Britain. The Defence Secretary warned that enforcing a no-fly zone would require NATO airforces to shoot down Russian jets triggering in all likelihood an all-out war in Europe. 

Mr Wallace told GMB: “I think, first of all, to put in a no-fly zone, you have to enforce it because the Russians wouldn’t comply with it voluntarily.

“And that would mean British, French German fighter jets enforcing it by shooting down Russian aircraft. They would retaliate they’ve got lots of anti-air missiles, etcetera.

“That would trigger a NATO article five and under NATO those countries in NATO that’s 30 nations will come to the aid of any member who triggers this Article 5 self-defence clause.

“So very rapidly, we would go from a war in Ukraine to a war right across Europe, and indeed the United States and Canada as members of NATO, and a war against Russia as a state.”


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Tim McNulty

By Tim McNulty

Tim McNulty is a Video News Reporter. Prior to joining in January 2021, Tim worked as a news reporter in Scotland and Spain.

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