‘Would have benefitted Britain’ Galloway launches scathing attack on Starmer over Brexit

The former MP and broadcaster claimed the UK should be playing an “independent, bridging role” towards China and Russia. He hit out at the Labour leader for lending his “full support” to what Mr Galloway called “going full-Tonto” in its approach to Russia. The broadcaster, who has his own show on Russian state-sponsored media channel RT, wrote on Twitter: “It would have benefited Britain, if post-Brexit, we had played an independent, bridging role towards #China #Russia etc.

“Instead (with Starmer’s full support), HMG have gone full-Tonto.

“Apparently with wide public support.

“Whether that will continue when the bills come in…”

This comes after the UK Government imposed further sanctions on Putin’s Russia last night.

Three more Russian banks were sanctioned, including Russia’s largest bank, Sberbank.

Foreign Secretary Liz Truss also announced the UK will ban exports to Russia across a range of “critical sectors”.

Meanwhile, Russian ships have been banned from UK ports, with authorities being given new powers to detain Russian vessels.

Ms Truss acknowledged the conflict “could end up lasting months and years”, saying the UK was “prepared to suffer economic sacrifices” in order to support Ukraine.

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for Putin’s war on Ukraine.

His co-founder, Jamie Blackett said his alliance with Mr Galloway was “at an end”, after he appeared to blame the West for Russia’s invasion of Ukraine during his programme on RT.

Mr Galloway accused the US of being behind a “fascistic coup” in Ukraine in 2014, claiming the country had banned the Russian language.

In response, Mr Blackett issued a statement describing Mr Galloway’s comments as “wrong and counterproductive”.

He said: “A4U was set up as a very broad alliance of people from across the political spectrum to counter separatism in Scotland.

“I do not speak for George Galloway and he does not speak for me on issues unrelated to Scottish domestic politics

“But I am aware that his view of events is very different from mine.

“I believe some of his comments have been wrong and counterproductive and therefore, in order to make it absolutely clear that I disagree, our alliance is at an end.”

Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Alex Cole-Hamilton said Mr Galloway had “form in finding himself on the wrong side of history and his association with RT has lent legitimacy and influence to the propaganda apparatus of a hostile power”.

He added: “By acting as an apologist for Russian expansionist aggression, Galloway’s reputation lies in tatters, as does his political career.”

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