Call of Duty Professionals HATE Each Other – Here Are All The Storylines Leading Up To CDL Major 1

The Professional Call of Duty League has their first Major event starting Thursday, March 3rd at 3pm! In the video above, I go over all the storylines of the CDL, the bracket for the Major and all my picks. This should help anybody get into the Professional Call of Duty League or learn more about the CoD esports scene.

One of the major storylines is the beef between Crimsix (on team NYSL) and all of FaZe. They’ve been trash talking each other for a while now, and FaZe is currently the #1 seed with NYSL having an extremely slow start to the year and entering the Major in the 11th seed (second to last). Some of the drama spilled over to Twitter with Arcitys (on FaZe) subtweeting Crimsix:

Last year at the Call of Duty Championship Event in LA, Arcitys said this:

Let’s just say, I can’t wait for these two teams to meet at a LAN event. It’s gonna go DOWN!

This weekend should be a great weekend for the CDL to see who the true powerhouse teams are and what the rest of the season will have in store for us. I’m always rooting for OpTic and the #Greenwall, so I hope my boys show up for their home series. Here’s the bracket below:

Matches start Thursday, March 3rd at 3pm EST! I’ll be covering the Major on Twitter – tweet me who you think is taking home the trophy.

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