How to sleep better: The 9 houseplants to help you drift off

ZZ Plant

The ZZ Plant is an eye-catching architectural plant with waxy, dark green, oval-shaped leaves attached to its elegant, arching stems.

James said: “It is an easy-care plant, as it is drought tolerant and can cope well in a range of light conditions, including the light shade.

“One of our most popular plants, it can also be quick growing, so a great low-stress way to have a high impact plant in your bedroom.

“Studies suggest it is a great way to help remove Xylene from the air, used in things such as cleaning agents, paint thinner, varnish, even Shellac!”

Peace Lily

The Peace Lily is an extremely popular plant with glossy deep green leaves and piercing white flowers that rise above the foliage.

James said: “Peace lilies are relatively easy to look after and will make a calming impact in your home.

“Native to the steamy jungles of Bolivia, peace lilies will thrive in bright indirect light or light shade and high humidity.

“Studies have shown that the Peace Lily can increase room humidity by up to five percent which is great for breathing while asleep.”

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