Strictly’s Nikita ‘heartbroken’ as he hears gunshots when calling grandmother in Ukraine

Nikita, 24, has been staying in regular contact with his grandmother who is still in Ukraine as the Russian army continue to invade. Speaking to Lorraine Kelly on her ITV chat show, the Strictly Come Dancing professional detailed how his grandmother is trying to protect his family from knowing the true extent of what is going on. He begged the UK government to step up and do more to help Ukraine defend themselves against Vladimir Putin and his army.

Asked how he is coping, Nikita told Lorraine: “It’s absolutely heartbreaking. Even now, hearing the reports I’m trying to contain myself.

“But it’s so inspiring to see Ukrainian people fight.

“Russia is not fighting just against the Ukrainian army but the whole of Ukraine.”

He went on to explain he speaks to his grandmother regularly but is worried about her.

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“First, if you can donate to the National Bank of Ukraine, which is helping the army.”

He added viewers can also donate clothes, batteries and power banks to drop off points to send over to Ukraine.

Nikita, who has diabetes, also called for insulin and needles to be sent to others who have the condition.

Begging the government for help, he added: “They are bombing everything right now. We need help.

“Message hospitals, if you can accept some of the Ukrainian children in need of help, please help by contacting Ukrainian hospitals.”

Nikita also asked Strictly fans and viewers to speak out on what is going on in Ukraine and share ways in which they can help.

“Don’t stay silent,” he concluded, stating they can share information and ways to help on social media.

Lorraine airs weekdays on ITV from 9am.

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