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Prince Philip ‘cared’ about Princess Diana but ‘banished’ another royal claims expert

Judi began: “A lot of assumptions were made Diana’s relationship with her father-in-law Philip during her marriage to Charles.

“Philip was known to ‘not suffer fools gladly’ while Diana, jokingly, described herself as ‘as thick as two planks’.”

Known for his outspoken nature and sometimes brusque demeanour during interviews, the Prince was largely different to Diana, who was known for sweet-talking the media.

She continued: “Diana became a fashion icon with showbiz friends while Philip tended to be surrounded by women happiest in headscarves and tweeds whose main passions were horses, hunting and carriage-driving.”

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The pair also dealt with their issues in entirely contrasting ways. “Philip was the royal spouse who gritted his teeth and stuck to his role despite the clear frustrations of being consort of a ruling monarch.”

Much like his wife, Queen Elizabeth II, who maintains a stiff upper lip, Prince Philip was known for his stoicism.

Princess Diana, on the other hand, was quite the opposite, wearing her heart on her sleeve.

She was “so clearly overwhelmed by her emotional suffering and the pressures of an unhappy marriage”.


The Princess had an extremely warm, human quality, referred to fondly as “The People’s Princess”.

In a tell-all interview in 1985, Diana displayed her emotional side, speaking about the “enormous pressure” of being in the public eye: “There’s far too much about me in the newspapers.

“It horrifies me when there’s something important like what goes on in a hospice or there’s been a bomb or something and they’ll put me on the front page.”

She was also known for her vulnerable and ground-breaking revelation that she suffered from disordered eating.

Prince Philip’s reaction to his son’s wife, later estranged wife, is surprising considering his feelings towards another woman, suggested Judi.

“Philip’s response to the other famous royal wife of that time, Sarah Ferguson, seemed to be decisive and unequivocal when her marriage to Andrew broke down.”

Sarah was “effectively banished” despite her ongoing closeness with Andrew.

Judi continued: “Watching her levels of wary anxiety as she took her seat in the pews just in front of Philip at her daughter Eugenie’s wedding seemed to illustrate the ‘Philip effect’ once a wife dared to show any sign of disloyalty to the Firm.”

It is therefore surprising that he, as someone at the very centre of the Firm, became one of Diana’s greatest supporters during her marriage breakdown.

“Diana’s letters suggest Philip was one of the royals she turned to for paternal support during the breakdown of her marriage. Addressing him as ‘Dearest Pa’ suggests high levels of trust and close affection despite what had been seen as less affectionate times between them.”

In one instance the Princess commented “…you really do care”, hinting that she had “some levels of surprise” at his offer of help, perhaps indicating at times a “factious” relationship.

Former Royal Butler Paul Burrell revealed that Prince Philip had said, “Mama and I do not condone Charles’s relationship with Camilla and we cannot understand for the life of us, why he would choose Camilla over you.”

Judi concluded: “Photos of the pair together before the divorce do hint at moments of closeness and even affection.”

While Diana folded her arms in a “rather emphatic barrier ritual” when speaking to Charles, her body language looks “far more synchronised and relaxed” with his father.

“The pair stand close with mirrored smiles and poses and even when they are further apart and Diana is applauding something going on down below, it is she and Philip who catch one another’s eye and share a joke, wearing what look like matching grins of authentic humour.”

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