Star Trek Picard season 2: Q and Guinan set for explosive face-off as star drops clue?

Star Trek Picard sees the return of Sir Patrick Stewart in the titular role with the show following the story of the retired Starfleet member and how his galactic journey is far from over. Joining the British actor in returning to the franchise is award-winning actress Whoopi Goldberg as Guinan, who she played in Star Trek: The Next Generation. 

Jean-Luc Picard (played by Stewart) returns to the Starfleet with his crew, and it isn’t soon before he is confronted with old enemies.

Star Trek veteran John de Lancie returns as the sinful Q.

Q is a fictional character, as well as the name of a race, and appears in Star Trek: The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, Voyager, and the Lower Decks series.

The actor behind the villain has revealed that his character and Guinan could soon come to blows.

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The spin-off series is the ninth instalment in the franchise and brings back many of the show’s original characters.

Q first appeared in 1987, with Guinan joining in 1988 with the pair having shared a mysterious troubled history.

Speaking to the Metro about Goldberg rejoining the show, de Lance said: “It’s sorta like when you are cooking up a meal, and you start putting in like really great ingredients.

“You’ve got Q, and you’ve got Guinan, and you’ve got Data and stuff like that, and you just know things are going to pop, it’s going to be fun.”

Historically Q’s motives have been questionable, and with his ability to manipulate time and reality, he is sure to cause havoc in the newest instalment of the show.

Plus, with de Lance alluding to things “popping” on screen, it sounds like the stage could be set for an almighty showdown.

On returning to the show and diehard fans’ expectations, he continued: “I would like to exceed the expectation but at least match it. I just loved coming back. It was great.

“It’s a different time with different stakes, obviously performed by two actors who are older to begin with, so it would be sort of unseemly if we saw Patrick and me running around as if we were doing it 30 years ago.

“I’m hoping that their expectation does not blunt their enjoyment of seeing what is now. This is very story-driven, and also there’s a passion in the playing that was perhaps not there before because there is more at stake.”

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In the most recent episode of Picard titled The Star Gazer, the Admiral reached out to his oldest and wisest friend Guinan for guidance.

Meeting the El-Aurian again, fans saw that she had set up a new 10 Forward lounge in Los Angeles. 10 forward was the crew lounge aboard the Galaxy-class USS Enterprise-D.

Both Guinan and Q are considered to be almost immortal beings, but with the actors ageing, it is hard for the show to ignore this factor.

Guinan herself noted that both herself and Picard were now older, with Picard reminding her that El-Aurians age very slowly, to which the bartender responded: “Yes, but only if we choose to. I notice that humans don’t like to be reminded of their mortality, so I try to keep up.”

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