Taron Egerton Passed Out On Stage During The Opening Night Of His Play

“Apparently, you’re meant to actually do the full show and not just three quarters of it.”

Imagine your worst middle school drama club nightmare coming true.

The Rocketman star suddenly passed out in the middle of the opening night of his play, Cock, which premiered Saturday at the West End theater in London.

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The curtain went down, and the play was forced to have a quick 40-minute break as Taron was tended to, and his understudy, Joel Harper-Jackson, filled in for him.

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Earlier today, Taron opened up about the whole debacle via his Instagram story, saying he’s planning to put a “positive spin on it.”

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“As some of you may have heard, I passed out during the first performance of Cock tonight,” he wrote. “I am completely fine. Slightly sore neck and a bruised ego, but I’m fine.”

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“I’ve decided to put a positive spin on it, and I would appreciate it if anyone who was in the theatre last night just said that I gave such a committed, electrifying performance that my body couldn’t handle it and checked out. That being said, apparently you’re meant to actually do the full show and not just three quarters of it. So I’ll be back with a vengeance tomorrow night.”

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“Thank you to the amazing team at the theatre and my wonderful cast mates for being so lovely. But mainly, I wanted to say thanks to Joel Harper-Jackson who stepped in to do the last bit of the play. Joel is an amazing actor and a lovely person. Thank you, Joel.”

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Bruised ego aside, Taron probably killed the first half of the show (literally), and I wish him all the best in his redemption performance!

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