Elden Ring May Be Getting A PVP Arena DLC

Elden Ring May Be Getting A PVP Arena DLC

Like some of FromSoftware’s other titles, it looks like Elden Ring could be getting a multiplayer arena DLC at some point in the future. A large, arena-like stucture is already present in the game world, though it’s currently inaccessible to players. Well-known modder Lance McDonald has posted a video of what the inside of the arena looks like, making use of a free-roaming camera hack.

The video shows a Colloseum-style amphitheater or arena with a large, open middle area, three seperate entrances, and a large semi-circular structure containing seating. The outside of the structure is visible in Elden Ring’s open world, with some players anticipating that it might have been a location for a boss battle, but the arena is thus far inaccessible through regular gameplay.

Previous FromSoft games, including Dark Souls and Dark Souls 3, added PVP arena modes in post-release DLC, so it’s not unlikely that this currently-inaccessible area has been designed for something similar.

This arena isn’t the only one of its type in the game, either–there are two other mysteriously locked arenas to be found in Elden Ring’s open world, and explorations by other modders have shown that all of them are full of detail and likely intended to be used for some kind of future content.

Modder Lance McDonald is well-known for his hacks of FromSoft games, having uncovered cut content in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, and releasing a mod for Bloodbourne that lets players run the game at 60fps. He’s also revealed secrets about games from other developers, including showing some off-camera shenanigans in God of War, and making P.T. even more spooky.

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