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anam: Bangladesh Needs Indian Technology, Fairness In Trade Relationship: Anam | Jaipur News – Times of India

Jaipur: Bangladesh is looking for a relationship with India based on ‘no favour and no patronising’, says Mahfuz Anam, a member of Mukti Bahini which fought Bangladesh’s war of liberation in 1971.
During a session ‘The Bangladesh Wave’ held at Jaipur Literature Festival on Saturday, Anam said, “Our country needs Indian technology and investment and at the same time we would need a fairness in the trade relationship, supportive hand from India so that both the countries can prosper.”
Other co-panellists in the session were former Indian high commissioner to Bangladesh Pinak Ranjan Chakravarty and author Sudeep Chakravarti in conversation with Sudha Sadhanand.
Expressing his deep gratitude for the Indian Army for the liberation of Bangladesh, he said, “Every army takes the oath to defend their country, around 4000 Indian army personnel laid down their lives my motherland. Therefore, my gratitude is deep and enduring.”
Recalling how Indian cities provided support to the liberation movement, he said, “I am a freedom fighter and I am a personal witness to people of India, the government of India and military of India involvement in our war to independence. I was in Agartala, Kolkata and many other cities during the war. In each of these cities, people embraced us with an open heart.”
Asserting Indians to not stereotype Bangladesh and its nationals, he said, “As a neighbour, we have many similarities and differences too. India must understand those differences and respect them also else we will not be two independent countries. “Don’t stereotype us. We are an 80% Muslim nation secular country. We are not a fundamental country and not going the Pakistan way.”
Expressing his disappointment, Anam says, “In Delhi, you know more about Karachi and Rawalpindi but not Dhaka. “People in Delhi they quote Faiz Ahmed Faiz and Iqbal very handy, but they don’t do it with poet Nazrul and Tagore (Rabindra Nath Tagore). Your relationship with Pakistan is going nowhere but with Bangladesh, it will go everywhere.”
Responding to how to improve the relationship with Bangladesh after several ups and downs, Chakravarty, says, “Many improvements have been made due to the policy changes. The neighbouring country gets 1,200 MW of electricity from our national pool, including 500 MW at the concessional rate. Also, India has opened an international Internet gateway to North East via neighbouring countries.”

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