Law change is needed ‘quickly’ to force all new homes to have an electric car charger

“With that said, if the industry is going to move towards a greener future, we need to see more legislation like this enacted quickly.

“Developers and property owners can feel the pressure to create real change and building tenants and homeowners can be assured that they’ll be supported in their own sustainability aspirations.

“Alongside this, we also need to see action on building the necessary electric charging infrastructure across the UK, as the technology will not be adopted by the wider community unless drivers know they have safe places to charge both at home and on the road.”

Mr Moskovitz also called for a boost to EV charging infrastructure across the UK, in order to move to a net zero and greener future.

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By Felix Reeves

Felix Reeves writes all things motoring for the Cars section. He recently completed his BA in Journalism at the University of Kent.

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