Putin will invade EU cities if the West fails to intervene, warns Ukraine former PM

Ukraine’s former PM, Volodymyr Groysman, who is currently in hiding in Ukraine, is reportedly considered among those who are most likely to be a part of the Kremlin’s hit list of public figures to be killed or imprisoned following a military occupation. In a grim warning, Mr Groysman told The Sunday Telegraph that Lithuania, Estonia and Poland will be next on the chopping block if Ukraine falls.

He said: “I’m 100 percent sure that, God forbid, if Ukraine falls, it will mean that Putin’s troops will be on the border of the EU and NATO, and then in a year – or maybe sooner, maybe later – he will intervene in the Baltic states and Poland, for instance.

“So what’s going to happen then? [Some] European leaders will still be able to say, ‘Look, the war might become even bigger, so let’s wait [so] it doesn’t become a large-scale war, because it’s still only about Lithuania and Estonia and Poland, but it’s not about France or Great Britain or Germany.’”

The 44-year-old leader became Ukraine’s Prime Minister in 2016 having previously served as speaker of the country’s parliament.

Talking about the present state of Ukraine which is facing regular attacks from Russia, he said that there is “no normal life anymore”.

He told the publication: “This is life in conditions of war, a war against all Ukrainians, which was started by Putin.

“What we have now for the last two weeks is his intervention from all the directions. We have permanent airstrikes and bombardments.

“He uses also those types of weapons which are forbidden according to international law – for instance, vacuum bombs.

“We have shellings with propelled rocket launching systems. There are a number of cities which are under constant shelling… so there is a constant threat of bombardments.”

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Talking about the no-fly zone, the former PM said: “President Zelensky asked many times already to introduce a no-fly zone over Ukraine so that we don’t get vacuum bombs and missiles on the heads of our civil population.

“We need to increase our defence capabilities, and we need to use this unique chance – as far as this war is already there, we can all together stamp this modern Hitler in Ukraine and stop him from going beyond Ukraine and attacking the Western countries as a next step.”

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